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“As an English Lit Major, you struck another cord with me…”

Feedback in:

Hey Michael,

The podcast is great and I follow many recommendations from it including reading the Fountainhead.

I picked up the book about a month ago after hearing your rant and listening to an audible excerpt you played. As an English Lit Major, you struck another cord with me.

I am halfway through and am enamored by Rand’s literary skill and was glad to hear you mention it again in Ep. 650.

But also I think your recommendation is not based solely to broaden my literary horizon, of which, I am no danger of doing but had to read it per your recommendation.

I have to say my bookseller was impressed I am reading Rand and I was very intrigued by his response.

So, I just wanted to say, I am looking forward to experiencing a similar epiphany of sorts as I move towards completion. I am still not sure what you are seeing but the representation of the characters is not lost on me.


Thanks [Name]! Nice feedback.

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