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“Your book was like a lifeline to a drowning man…”

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Hi Michael:

I stumbled upon your TurtleTrader book without knowing what I was walking into and read it with an open mind. The more pages I turned more hooked I got to the idea that the book was trying to send across.

A little background on myself, I have been in the tech side of the financial world since last 10 years. Worked for Goldman, Merrill and Bank of America during the stint. I used to work with the Commodities trading desk, even though didn’t get to trade myself, always tried to figure out the logic behind the orders that went through my system. Things that looked completely random at first started showing patterns when you looked at the market data (had no clue yet about trend following yet). But more and more I correlated the orders with the market it all started making sense. Working for banks always had the restriction on employee trading, so I left the banks and started on my trading journey.

Initial years were hard, trying to digest every piece of information that media threw at me. I was putting the time but my trades were not improving. I was about to give up thinking trading was not for me when I stumbled upon Turtle Traders. Your book was like a lifeline to a drowning man.

I tried some of the strategy you mentioned in the book and started seeing improvements. I was not great but certainly better. Then I came across your next book Trend Following which enlightened me more and made more adjustments to my process. I just finished the new edition of Trend Following and was blown. Really great insights in the book.



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