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“I want to do all I can to rule out the possibility of a potentially better process…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

I wanted to drop you a note, and say that I’ve been recently enjoying your Podcasts. I saw your name come up in during some investment book searches, and saw that you have a podcast. A quick background on me, I’m a financial advisor who is interested in learning more about your trend following philosophy and methods. Being I’ve had a fair amount of experience in the investment business, (I began in 1992) I’m not a total believer in EMH. I am however, a fan of Milton Friedman, and although I have the utmost respect for the likes of Swenson, and Bogle, I believe there’s space for an advisor who can provide the potential for a market beating process to clients. I’ve been subscribing to Dorsey Wright since 2006 or so, and am familiar with P&F charting and basic trend following. I realize this my be foolish and naive, however I want to do all I can to rule out the possibility of a potentially better process, other than EMH.

I especially enjoyed your Podcast with Bernstein and his book “Against the Gods” which I keep on my desk for regular reference. I’m grateful for any information you may direct me to, or suggestions you may have.


You are welcome!

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