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“EMT never really seemed that efficient to me…”

Feedback in:

Michael- I very much appreciate your writing in Trend Following. As a knowledge “junkie” who graduated from a top ranked undergraduate “business school,” I couldn’t get behind going to wall street b/c I couldn’t make sense of the EMT. I was a product of the great recession and had teachers spouting off about efficient markets when you watched industry behemoths like google, apple, GE, etc lose 50% of their value in a year. Never really seemed that efficient to me.

Data and math has always spoken to me so reading your book and building trading systems is like a calling.

As a former baseball guy myself, I very much appreciate your baseball sentiments. If you’re ever in Columbus, OH, we have a pretty good minor league team and the stadium/atmosphere is top notch. Would be happy to offer you a beer at a game.

Thanks for all you do, your podcast is great as well. You may want to check out Michael Gervais finding mastery since it appears that you take a keen interest in human psychology. He is a top level performance psychologist.


Thanks. Michael Gervais was on my show.

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