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“People have done it in the past and I too will do it…”

Feedback in:

Hello Michael,

I wish to write this letter to thank you for your efforts, as it has benefited me greatly. I have worked for [name bank] Global Macro Index Trading business and last year, I left [name bank] to pursue my own [fund].

I was very much captivated by Statistical Arbitrage research papers of Stanford, and tried to implement [them]. It looked good on paper, but when I started running it on my own money, it made losses and I realized that the system was so complex, as it involved stochastic and other deep mathematical structures, that I couldn’t find a way to improve or adapt the system to the needs of [name] Market.

At some point, on deep introspection, I decided to give trend [following] a chance as it always appealed me for various reason. The biggest reason was, although it may not promise a mathematical proof, but logically and common-sense wise, trend following made sense and also the biggest reason was that I could improve it as I understand it.

[Over the] last few months I have got good results. Your podcasts helped me in a way as you brought the best of the best from the industry and listening to them I realized that I am not alone. People have done it in the past and I too will do it. Second thing, is that you provide these resources for free.

I cant say how much I really feel grateful for your efforts. Thanks once again.



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