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“You’re killing it [on the trend following podcast]…”

Ed Seykota Essentials
Ed Seykota Essentials

Feedback in:

You’re killing it on the podcasts! Cheers!

Which podcast struck you?

I’m generalizing. This mega one I’m listening to on my commute into work (#620), is brilliant, as are many others. Loved those replays of previous great interviews (ie Ed Seykota, other market wizards etc) as I’ve only started listening to your podcasts since I bought your trading course, so I’ve missed a lot of great material from the past. Also off the top of my head I recall some good crypto stuff – which was interesting, the self defense one recently was interesting, and I bought his book. Also, it freaks me out how many Objectivist/Libertarian/Rothbardian/Hayak/Von Mises folks are in this space. I guess this is where we all hide. I wonder why that is?… perhaps no matter how screwed up your country is, you can play in the relative freedom of the markets? Don’t know. Keep up the great work!


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