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“No worries about the tail or the head, only trade for the fillet…”

Feedback in:


I just wanted to send you a thank you. I walk about 4 miles each morning while listening to your podcasts from iTunes. I have been listening for about 6 months and I have been able to get through about 1/2 of them so far. I am never tired of listening and really appreciate your guests.

I take “Trend Following” to heart. I actually came up with a trend following method before listening to you. As I was figuring it out and looking for more ideas… I came upon you. Great! I use price as my focus. I look for recent activity rather than waiting on predictive, from historical data, methods.

I know that you are not really keen on inter-day trading, but that is what I do. In defense I trade futures not equities, giving me more leverage for trading and quicker movements because of it. Out of the market at the end of each day. I am serious about stops, never violating them, and only trade when a trend has been established.

I have been more successful in my trading than I have ever been in the past since deciding the market will kill me if I try to challenge it. I have blown up two accounts so I am a bit gun shy about thinking I “know” anything regarding the market. I now only join the winning side, kind of like the Switzerland of trading. No worries about the tail or the head, only trade for the fillet.

Thanks again,
Dan DeLave
Long Beach, CA


But that day trading… to me that is a business for Jim Simons, Toby Crabel and JPM.

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