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“I am addicted to your podcast…”

Feedback in:


I am addicted to your podcast because it is so much more than “trend following”, as the real trend is not in the stock market or any financial market, but in lifestyle and how we interact with those around us.

I am currently listening to your podcast Episode 600 interview with Roger Ver, and it keeps bringing me back to [Name] of The [Name] Podcast. He has a unique and valuable perspective on the economy, especially regarding the political landscape. I would Love for you to have him on your show, as he is a strong libertarian/anarchist but has thought through concepts deeply and is willing to say “I don’t know”. Much like how you communicate that “trend-following” is much more than a trading strategy, he has taught that “permaculture” systems can be applied to all aspects of life, much more than just planting a garden.

Thanks for your valuable podcast and perspective.

[Name] in Pittsburgh, PA


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