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“The words ‘Trend Following’ fascinate me so much…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

I’m enjoying the reading of your new book Trend Following, 5th edition, as I did with the previous one which I’ve read many times and that is at the top of my personal trading/investing library of 100 books!

The words “Trend Following” fascinate me so much that I think to it from morning till night! I literally love this investing philosophy and I admire your passion, skill and knowledge on this subject.

Now I’ve published a little book that I wrote about investing and that condensate all my personal path: since the beginning in 2008 with intraday trading (3 minutes bars!), to passive index investing (which did not make any sense to my mind) and at last to Trend Following, which I appreciated since the beginning but that I was not able to adopt because of my personal bias and errors (that is, ignorance). Driven by curiosity I wanted to try other paths even if I was aware of the uncertainty of such a costly decision. When I finally I fully appreciated the power of Trend Following philosophy I decided to put it in writings so to have my personal “beacon” without being distracted by other types of approach to investing. With my little book I hope also to contribute divulge in my small way the superiority of this investing philosophy (there’s is also an Italian version on Amazon since last spring).

I would appreciate very much to know what you think about my little book. I can send you a PDF or a kindle version by mail.

Kind regards,
[Name], Italy

I will read it. Thanks!

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