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“THANK YOU for your inspirational PODCASTS and BOOKS!”

Feedback in:


I hope you are well.

I just wanted you to know that I walk to keep fit listening to your Podcasts. Since I started lost loads of weight and been inspired! Thank you for the Chris Voss (FBI kidnap negotiator) interview – this was the most inspiring interview for me. I read his book and downloaded the audio. Use his techniques daily in my work. It works too!

On the trading front [name] book started me on the trend follow route which lead me to you. I note whilst you mention [name] – he is low key compared to the other Turtles. It would be great if you had an interview with him.

I have read your books and in the process of downloading the audio versions! They are awesome. Michael – THANK YOU for your inspirational PODCASTS and BOOKS!

With Kind Regards


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