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“I signed up to your website… and would ideally like to sharpen my focus.”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael.

Thank you for your website.

I think I must have purchased 3 copies of your book Trend Following, over the years, but whenever we moved house they somehow got misplaced.

I run a small Hedge fund, and have been trading Fx options since 1997. Been reading up on Ed Seykota & the Turtles for as long as I can remember, but always used Market profile for my intra-day hedging of my options portfolios, when working at my previous employers (i.e. investment banks).

I run a Fx Volatility fund, but I am never delta neutral, as I look to benefit from trends and try to position accordingly.

Example – I am currently long USDJPY, and have written USD PUTS, to pick up the volatility premium and also run the delta as well as buying USD ag JPY to create a clearly long USD view.

Reasons for writing the PUTS, is that it allows me to pick up theta, even when the market move sideways.

I signed up to your website, as I feel that working in a bank has taken away my focus on trend following, and would ideally like to sharpen my focus and also learn about more/”NEW” ideas to identify trends etc.

Your thoughts and insights will be greatly appreciated.

NB: I use 20 day Donchians breakout with + Joe Di Napolis 25×5 SMA as a Filter, as well as the parabolic PSAR to exit trades .

Kind regards,


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