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“Hey babe, we’re moving to [name]. I’m gonna go get tutored by Covel!”

Feedback in:

Hello Michael,

I don’t expect a reply to this email, so please don’t hesitate to simply put it away (no harm done, honestly).

I simply wanted to thank you for your work and dedication. I have been listening to your podcast for about 8 months now.

Just to give you a quick synopsis of my background, I’m a practicing physician in Toronto, Canada. In late 2015 I decided to pursue a second career in finance/wealth management and so I went back to school (having zero knowledge of finance/economics. I didn’t even know what a bond was, or a stock for that matter). I still have not started the career switch but I have completed all the educational requirements to be licensed as an Investment Advisor and actually start my new career.

Anyhow, I really admire your message, the way you carry yourself and the amazing guests you have managed to bring on your show.

In one of your latest podcast when you discussed the family friend that happened to visit [name] I actually found myself day dreaming about packing my bags (and my girlfriend’s) and heading there…”hey babe, we’re moving to [name]. I’m gonna go get tutored by Covel!”

Anyhow, if you’re ever in Toronto, we would love to take you out for dinner.


Thanks for writing.

Dinner sounds great, but we have to get in the same city first!

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