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“I’m curious for some behind-the-scenes details…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

I enjoy your podcasts, I’ve been a regular listener for the past 2-3 years. You put a lot of care into each episode, and it shows. I’m curious for some behind-the-scenes details in your preparation. Do you write a podcast script? If so, how detailed is it (paragraphs, bullets, etc)? It doesn’t sound like you’re reading from a card or just winging it. How do you strike that balance?


I have 1 page of notes for an interview. But these days I feel like I use less and less. Monologues? In past I might have had a page of notes, but these days I ponder the issue, turn recorder on and go. It’s technically winging it, but when you do it for so long it’s not really winging it.

Interesting question!

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