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“I have slowly arrived at podcast 138…”

Feedback in from an email conversation spanning over a few months:

Dear Michael Covel,

Thank you for your work. I recently found your podcast, and I’m listening to each one from the beginning in chronological order. So far I am up to number 28, Entrepreneurism: The Importance Of Not Doing What You’re Told. Excellent work, excellent podcast.

Best wishes,


I’m still making my way through the podcast archives, and finding much value there. I note that you sometimes make references to films (delighted with the mention of Reservoir Dogs), and I wonder, have you seen the John Carpenter film, “They Live”? If you haven’t, I am sure you will enjoy it, it is a “them and us” satire on the state of capitalism, with most of “the people” in a dream-like state. Great soundtrack, too.

Is that the one with all the messaging? And Roddy Piper?

That’s the very one! I have slowly arrived at podcast 138. Up until now I tried not to email about the fact that I am a repeat visitor to Thailand, yes, I love the energy of Bangkok, and it just so happens that I will be spending two weeks in Krabi in the next couple of weeks, but you went and did a Pulp Fiction thing. I had to email. That’s it. I have an email following system. There are rules. That’s it.

Much love,


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