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“It’s not about the strategy–it’s about the human…”

Feedback in:

Good Morning Michael:

Pursuant to your request… “Has trend following changed your life in anyway?”

Enormously. I found your book 10 years ago and began studying it immediately. I had been an investor with multiple paths and little discipline. I am now (and have been for a while) a religious follower of trend following. It is a simple path, a disciplined path, to investing success. After reading the book 5 times I began to model trend following for stocks which I use today.

“Have you made money with trend following? If so, how much? Please be specific. I want to know if you’re taking full advantage of this powerful strategy.”

Yes. With your books I have been able to create a very process oriented approach for both equities and options. The disciplined learned through your writings has allowed me to “clean up” my past “investing” (not sure you can call it that) and get on the profitable road.

“Do you find this strategy difficult to execute?”

No. In my opinion it’s not about the strategy – it’s about the human. You gave me the map.

“Will you continue using this strategy?”

Yes. I am a passionate trend follower and have no intentions of leaving “the flock.”

Michael – Thank you. Your work, writings and passion have changed many lives or helped redirect us from where we were.

Have a great day.


Thanks for the feedback!

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