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“…interesting for their intersection of the ideas…”

Feedback in:

Dear Michael, your last couple shows were interesting for their intersection of the ideas. When I was listening to the Watts show, I was thinking that his description of money sounds a lot like Harari’s description in Sapiens–money as a collective narrative or myth. I was wondering if Harari had listened to Watts at some point. Then you had on Tim Price who mentioned the same big idea and cited Harari explicitly. Have you ever reached out to Harari and considered getting him on? That would be an interesting show, although his first book (Sapiens) is much more interesting than his new one. Price also mentioned Beinhocker’s “Origin of Wealth” which is one of the most underrated books about economics in recent years–he would be worth looking at, too. More broadly, Beinhocker is going into complexity theory. The foundations of that were in a very interesting paper from 1972 entitled “More Is Different” by P. W. Anderson: here. Anderson later won a Nobel Prize in physics. He is still alive, but very old and I don’t know what kind of shape he is in, but if you wanted to get another Nobel winner he would be one to go after. Here’s a lecture he gave about a decade ago on the development of complexity theory based on his paper: here. I think you’ll find it up your alley. You have an interesting show and I enjoy listening to it. I’m always amused by the personal history, too, since I’ve now lived in the Falls Church/Vienna VA area for about 25 years.

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