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Trend Following Audio Books: The New Way to Drive

Feedback in:

Hello Mr. Covel:

My name is [Name], from Toronto Canada. I wanted to thank you for writing your books on trend following and mainly for making audio book versions. I spend a lot of time driving and find the audio versions outstanding. I start “friend following” on a road trip from Toronto to Chicago. I wanted to continue driving just so I didn’t have to stop listening. I have now started reading The Complete TurtleTrader, and am hungry for more. I wanted to know if you are ever going to be in the Toronto area for any conferences or trade shows? I would love to attend and if possible buy you a coffee.

Thank you.

Sounds like a plan! Thanks for the nice words.

NOTE: Trend Following, TurtleTrader and Trend Commandments went live with audio books in 2016. All three are available.

The Complete TurtleTrader
The Complete TurtleTrader

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