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Diversity in the Trend Following Podcast

Feedback in:


You asked for feedback so here goes…

Thank you very much for the excellent series of podcasts, whist I was specifically drawn to them from the trading perspective, I have found the more recent directions you have been going in have also been very inspiring. I have just read Chris Voss’s book and have bought Cialdini’s as well as several other authors you have had on.

I consider myself to be fairly well educated, I have a degree in psychology, an MBA, I am a chartered accountant, have a treasury qualification, have many vocational qualifications, i.e. learned to fly, taught formal navigation courses etc.

I have developed a viewpoint, prior to your podcasts, which has driven me to a lifelong yearning to learn, and hopefully drive my personal development. I believe that people have a massive capability to improve their engagement and performance in many arena’s however most people just want to hook into the matrix and be led by the nose. Unfortunately most businesses are not organized to try to get the most out of their staff either, which does not help the situation.

I have found your podcasts to be a better education for life than any of the above formal qualifications that I have studied, I enjoyed most of them, but I did not really enjoy my time at school, from an educational perspective I though it was sadly lacking, although probably part of the blame rests with me.

Whilst your podcasts lack the academic infrastructure, so I mean there is no follow up process to ensure what elements people pick up and choose to study in more depth, I believe the series is far superior to a university degree. I feel you should be congratulated on what you have achieved so far, the eclectic mix of such a wide range of people, from Ayn Rand, Robert Greene, Ed Seykota, Milton Freidman, Napoleon Hill, Didier Sornette, Steve Pinker etc. is inspirational. I personally recommend your podcast at every opportunity, I have a niece and nephew who are just coming to the age where I think they might benefit from this, and I will recommend this to them soon.

Some of my favourite podcasts include Napoleon Hill, Chris Voss, David Harding and Gerd Gigerenzer, in no particular order. There are very few that have ever left me cold.

What I find astonishing is that you continue to do this at such a pace, I struggle to keep up with you, from a reading perspective. I have found some fantastic sources of mind improving information in your work, in addition to the trend following approach to trading which drew me in the first place.

Keep up the good work,

Thanks for the nice words!

Michael Covel
Michael Covel

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