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Napoleon Hill Featured on Trend Following Podcast

Napoleon Hill was born in 1883 and died in 1970. He is most known for paving the way for the new thought and personal success movement with his book, “Think and Grow Rich,” which has become one of the best selling books of all time. Its premise is to help people realize they have the power to create success within themselves by way of conscious and unconscious thought. His message is straightforward, pragmatic and clear.

The presentation [featured in Trend Following Radio episode 404] is centered on making a goal and how to use certain tools to achieve that goal. Napoleon starts off by explaining the power of motives. He says you have no right to ask yourself or anyone to do something unless you give an adequate motive. If you give someone a good enough motive to buy something from you or give yourself a a worthwhile reason to achieve a goal you can sell or accomplish anything. You can also trick your mind to believe anything by repetitive action. If you have faith in what you want to accomplish you will accomplish it. On the same note, faith without action is dead and faith without believing is dead. Napoleon believed that 98%-100% of people sell themselves short because they do not believe in themselves. He says, “The power of thought is the only thing humans have absolute control over.” By repetition, thought, and action you can educate your brain to pick up only the vibrations related to what you want. He stresses that you must make sure your subconscious mind knows you are the boss.

The power of motives, thought, and faith in yourself all goes into being able to create and carry out a plan successfully. Napoleon says to write out your major objective in life and give it a timeline. Make sure it is clear and precise. Keep your major purpose to yourself. Your actions speak for themselves, and the envy of mankind can slow you down. Also, leave your plan flexible. Nobody can put limitations on you except for yourself. With that being said, acknowledge your weaknesses but don’t let them overtake you. If you keep your mind positive, it becomes greater than all the negatives.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting the podcast interview with Napoleon Hill. In late 1975, I was fortunate enough to read an article in the Chicago Tribune about a man whose life was changed after he read “Think and Grow Rich”. As a recently divorced single Mom, I was so ready to hear his message. “Think and Grow Rich” literally changed my life and it was a joy to hear this man speak after so many years. His work continues to bring amazing gifts into my life and I thank you for reminding me what started it all so many years ago.
Sincerely, [Name]


Napoleon Hill
Napoleon Hill

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