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Trend Following in the Zero-Sum Game

Feedback in:


I hope you are keeping well since we last corresponded over email. I have been actively listening and going back through all your podcasts and I wanted to say: please do not take the avenue of being more politically correct. I seriously love listening to your podcasts when you dig into people, organizations, and governments. It is really refreshing to hear someone actually saying something with such passion. This being said, you are also so respectful with your commentary and insights during guest interviews which makes your guests feel very comfortable to share their experiences and knowledge. You are achieving your goal of having your podcast content truly timeless as I feel that the content you share with the world will be just as relevant in 100 years from now. Thank you for taking the time to create such an interesting podcast.

One final note I would like to make: I wanted to apologize for how I acted earlier in the course. I went back through some of my emails and realized that I was acting entitled by asking for such detailed information about how you specifically trade and how other investors manage their trades. I was looking for the easy path and for this I am sorry about how I wrote my emails to you. I now realize that this zero sum game is centered around passion for the process that best fits each investors needs. My portfolio heat setting is different from your heat setting because it all depends on my edge, symbol portfolio and strategy I am using. I believe everything happens for a reason and the lesson I learned from going back over my emails was that you were teaching me to think on my own and that there is no set formula that states: “do these five things and then you will be guaranteed to earn this much.” I realize there are some general rules and theory that needs to be followed but there is never a day when you can say, “I am done learning because I know it all.” While I know we have never met or even spoke on the phone, I would like to tell you that I truly value you as a mentor in my life. I look forward to the day when I have done all my homework and familiarized myself with all the reading material, podcasts and commentary you have put out there so that we can meet and have a really good chat.

Hat in hand,

Thanks for the nice note!

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