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Trend Following Requires Discipline: Stick with It!

Feedback in:

Hi Mike, I wanted to thank you again for getting me in touch with [name] so I could access the information I was looking for a few months ago. Secondly, I think you do a FANTASTIC job in getting the trend following story out there. I’ve read all of your books and agree that “price is everything.” I am listening to The Complete TurtleTrader now on I do subscribe to [name] and use their [name] to find a list of potential stocks but then use ONLY ALL TIME NEW HIGHS as my trigger to get in. I put 5-7% into a starting position, take losses quickly and profits slowly. I began trading stocks at 19 with $9,000 that I had saved up from working a few summers for my grandfather, an antique broker. From 1989 through the crash of 2000, I ran the $9k to $297k without ever adding another dime, by buying new highs and cutting losses while pyramiding into winners. Unfortunately, after doing so well, I began to think I was smarter than the market. Big mistake! I lost $70,000 in the year 2000, and another $12,000 in 2001. Then I got divorced and had to give half of what was left to my ex. I went back to school, and used most of what was left to pay off debt. I recently graduated school, and with the $79,000 that I have left, I am now beginning to trade again. I’m sure I could get better, so I continue to subscribe to your Podcasts, and read new entries on your site regularly. I guess I have been a trend follower since 1989, also until four or five years ago didn’t know that I was, because I never knew what it was called. I just knew what was working for me. Please continue to do what you do, as you are helping us all continue to learn and get better at trading. I have yet to trade anything other than stocks, and options, but as I continue to learn and I would love to apply the strategies to ETFs and maybe even branch into futures or currencies. Thanks again! Whether you know it or not, you are helping thousands of people with your books, website, podcasts, and your accessibility.



Stick with It
Stick with It

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