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How to Start? There Are Many Answers!

A recent email exchange:

Covel: I see you posted an empty comment on my podcast. Questions for me?

Listener: I just purchased your book and was attempting to subscribe to your podcast sorry for the confusion. But, while you’re available, I would love to ask you a few questions. I just finished my Master’s at Harvard and have been trading on average 2,050 equity derivatives contracts per month for 3 years. I am an affiliate member of the MTA and have passed the CMT level 1& 2 and will be taking the level 3 in October. I have my first phone interview with the [Name] Group tomorrow and am committed to a life-long pursuit of being the best trader I can be. Would you have any advice for me? Thank you for your time Mr. Covel

Covel: What’s your goal?

Note: The best that I can be is a mirror. Most everyone knows their answer already. Accepting the answer is the hard part. This particular dialogue next went down the path of employee v. entrepreneur… Tough choices!

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