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Do You Have A Plan for When It Doesn’t Go Your Way?


Through the gentle nudging of general manager Matt Millen — who was, in my opinion, one of the only stand-up guys in that organization — I spent a lot of time with a sports psychologist, trying to figure out how to get my confidence back. In the NFL (and especially at the quarterback position), if you don’t have confidence, you’re done.

There are 100 guys out there who can throw a comeback route, and 100 more who can throw a post. But there are only a handful of quarterbacks who can have the route picked off, then come back and throw it again. Who can get knocked down or get hit in the teeth … and throw it again.

That, to me, is the difference between making it to the NFL, and being great in the NFL.

I’m sometimes asked if I was put in an unfair position in Detroit. My answer is always immediate and the same: No. Saying so implies I was the only one in that kind of a position. Welcome to the NFL. Pick a year, and I’ll give you five guys who were in the same type of spot I was. For all of my prior success — all the balls I had bounce my way through college — I wasn’t prepared to deal with it when things no longer went my way.

If we’re being honest, not a lot of people are.

Trend following, take a loss.

Trend following, take a loss.

Trend following, take a loss.

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Source: Joey Harrington, Despite What You May Think, My NFL Career Was A Success. Sports Illustrated, December 21, 2015.

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