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Life of Regret? No Way!

Feedback from a listener:

Greetings Mr. Covel,

During your recent podcast with Steve Kamb, he mentioned that many people say before they die that they regret living lives that others expected of them instead of living lives that they truly desired. This is a very tragic fact.

If you truly want to help the people that listen to your podcast, I suggest that you continue to have guests on your podcast that can give specific and actionable advice on how your audience can live their own lives. In my opinion, this is more important than trend following trading.

I realize that you focus on trend following trading because your success as a trend following trader allows you to live the life that you want. However, if you inform your audience of any other methods that will enable them to live the life that they want, you will be doing a great humanitarian service.

Did you not feel a great sense of sadness to hear that many people die with regret because they lived lives that other people expected them to live as oppose to just living lives that they wanted?


My podcast is only about trend following? Hmm…

Not so sure that is accurate! One problem here? You want the wisdom how you want it: “specific and actionable” (whatever that means to you). Here are some of the non-trend followers that have been interviewed on my podcast.

Try listening to the Gigerenzer, Gray, Friedman, Sterner, Frederickson, Eisenhardt, Poliquin, Yap, Weinberg, Pearson, Fader, Holiday episodes + the huge number of others that I have not mentioned (that have nothing to do with trend following).

I feel no sadness for people that live a life of regret. None. My podcast in total, all episodes, is “why” I feel that way.

Thanks for the feedback!


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