Stick to Your Knitting: Discipline Is Number One


Creating a system and sticking with it is one of the hardest lessons. The struggle is shared across the trading world. An excerpt from “The Little Book of Trading”:

If you learn anything from this book, let it be the simple lesson: Stick with it. There will always be distractions: Breaking news banners, surprises, and unpredictable chaotic events are everywhere, but you can’t let yourself be fazed. Here is one big secret: Top traders don’t pay attention to that stuff. They have found, through hard work, diligent study, and perhaps a little luck— that their ability to stick with a trading plan is far more important than knowing or worrying about what their neighbor is doing.

Now feedback from a listener struggling to create that system to stick with:

Dear Michael,

Your podcasts provide valuable insights that help me shape my perspective, mindset, and approach as it applies to trading process/methodology. I [have been] listening to your weekly podcasts for a few years now. Thank you for facilitating access to a bounty of wisdom.

My trading strategy has defined rules for most, if not all, eventualities, however I’m still not able to automate it. I struggle to learn coding. I’m fairly new to Tradestation and look forward learning easylanguage in order to automate my current strategy.

I’m very curious about learning more about Spinosaurus Trading System discussed earlier on your website, particularly because its written on tradestation code.

Warm Regards,

Thanks for the nice words! The PDF you requested was emailed.