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Trend Following™ Pro Library

Trend Following™ Pro Library


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• The Trend Following™ Library
• Upgrade for Flagship Clients Only

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Note: This is an upgrade for early clients and Flagship clients only.

Trend Following™ Pro Library

Michael Covel statement:

“Trend Following™ Library is my most substantial addition to my training and systems yet offered. For over ten years I have assembled the most valuable trend following resource library in the world. Now I can share it with those who need to go the extra mile in their trend following understanding and education. My Trend Following™ Library includes audio, video, images, and PDFs — a one of a kind, carefully curated research effort. I hope you enjoy.”

This online training includes 1000s of resources (including full books).

Complete Professional Library Inventory

  • PDFs (17,443 pages)
  • Audio (5h, 11m, 5s)
  • Video (28h, 28m, 57s)
  • Excel (16 spreadsheets)

The fine print:

  • Trend Following™ Manifesto; PDF (163 pages)
  • Trend Following™ Portfolio Selection Process; Audio (2m, 27s); PDF (320 pages)
  • Trend Following™ Money Management Manifesto; PDF (97 pages)
  • Trend Following™ Additional Trading Systems; PDF (9 pages)
  • Trend Following™ Trade Walkthrough; PDF (7 pages)
  • Trend Following™ Alternative Entries; PDF (81 pages)
  • Trend Following™ Single Stock Futures; PDF (162 pages)
  • Trend Following™ LEAPs Options; PDF (73 pages)
  • Trend Following™ ETFs; PDF (227 pages)
  • Trend Following™ Legend Videos; Videos (6h, 3m, 38s)
  • Trend Following™ Training Audio; Audios (5h, 8m, 38s)
  • EXTRAS: Basics; PDFs (121 pages); Excel (16 spreadsheets)
  • EXTRAS: CFD Resources; PDFs (60 pages)
  • LIBRARY: Audio and Video; Videos (15h, 26m, 15s)
  • LIBRARY: Classic Books; PDFs (11,728 pages)
  • LIBRARY: Research Files; PDFs (985 pages); Videos (1h, 27m, 50s)
  • LIBRARY: Behavioral Files; Videos (5h, 31m, 14s); PDFs (469 pages)
  • LIBRARY: Behavioral Files II; PDFs (853 pages)
  • LIBRARY: Historical Performance; PDFs (1,497 pages)
  • LIBRARY: [Firm Name 1] Capital; PDFs (42 pages)
  • LIBRARY: [Firm Name 2] Capital; PDFs (32 pages)
  • LIBRARY: [Firm Name 3] Capital; PDFs (517 pages)

The Trend Following™ Professional Library doesn’t stop expanding–even after your purchase.

Top 10 Reasons

Top 10 reasons why new and professional traders take Michael’s training for the chance at above average performance:

1. Brand new trader and or investor. No experience.
2. College student. No experience.
3. Need ready to use trend following systems.
4. Need new trend following systems.
5. Need a comprehensive trend following education
6. Need confirmation for their current strategy.
7. Need support. Have questions.
8. Need overwhelming research to validate trend following concepts.
9. Missing something in their current approach or technique.
10. Have been seduced by bogus Wall Street approaches and techniques. Need a fresh start right now.

Michael’s training and systems are for all of those situations.

 Trend Following