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Don’t Fear Failure: Comfort Zone Living Is Death

Feedback in:

Dear Mr. Covel,

Let me please take a bit of your time and let me share my thoughts about one of your latest podcasts.

Episode 378.

That monologue blew me away. I had to pause so often as I had to inhale fresh air to think about my own life. The topic of failure and success! Education is not a huge topic people in Germany like to talk about. Often you hear the voices of your parents, friends, teachers, “You can not do this and that. No, you are to small for it. Learn first something properly before you are shifting your focus to another topic. No, please finish first your university so if you have that job you have something for a crisis as you can always go back even if you decide to start with something new.“

I am so angry with all this BS that I heard my entire life and thanks to your work I have started with trading for my own around 8 years ago. I have lost a lot of money, but since about a year ago I am successful. I quit my boring job where I had my comfort zone living from paycheck to paycheck. I got married with my wonderful wife from Brazil and swing trade currencies and commodities with the bias of the long term trend.

I would love to hear more of failure and mindset on your podcast. You should really try to get Michael Jordan or J.K. Rowling on your podcast. I am a dreamer and I believe in myself. Thanks for giving your voice and message into this world. By the way I will go to China end of October and thanks for your Episode 358. My wife and I are visiting Guangzhou for the Canton Trade Fair, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. It would be a pleasure for me to meet you if you have time by any chance.

All the best,

You are welcome. Let’s see if we can meet!

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