From Dubai: Trend Following Flagship Course Questions

Feedback in:

Dear Michael:

Many thanks for your email. A brief intro about us…

We are a physically commodities trading house here in Dubai trading softs and grains with over 150 million USD turnover annually. In order to hedge our movements, we trade grains, softs and energies futures hedge the physical movements and we also do a bit of speculations. We use (directional, proxy, cross-contract, cross-commodities, arbitrage) hedging methods.

Recently [name recommended a trend following] system and asked me to subscribe. I wanted to talk to you and would like to subscribe. I already read the summary of [assorted] system[s]. They seem interesting if we are able to catch a long-term trend and keep revising our stops and I like its strong 2% risk management rule. My questions are;

1. Too many false breakouts would probably make us not making money for long time. The good thing is this can work on diverse contracts and we may be able to catch trend somehow.

2. Can we put out trailing stops at 5/6 days high instead of 10 days high as losing / reversing over 30% to 50% of gains is a big heat when many days of gains are evaporated.

3. Do you send any alerts that x numbers of commodities are breaking out to the higher/lower side, so we can place trades. I know there are this channels, but it is manual. Are you using automated alerts?

Let’s start our business relations and look forward to working with you.

Best Regards;


1. False breakouts are normal.

2. Hold tight on strategy questions from your perspective. Let me show you what I know and you can see a more complete picture. Then decision-making will be easier.

3. Everything I teach can be automated. 100%.

Last steps: Check FAQs too.