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Location, Location, Location … in Asia?

Feedback in:


How are you doing? I am considering relocating my CTA [pro trend following trader] businesses to New Zealand. Who do you know that I could speak with in that part of the world about the potential of opening new clientele potential for my management products?

Any thoughts that you might have on this subject would be appreciated as well….


I have not been to NZ and have zero contacts there. That’s 13 hrs from me [in Asia]! Wish I had better news. Guessing that Singapore would be a better fit for client business. Or at least larger and more easy for launch. Most every [manager] I speak to has little going on [in Asia] except the very large ones. Even those seem to not have a great lay of landscape. Overall Asia is about being on the ground then working out the hard questions [and details]. Very tough to plan it when your not in the middle of it. That’s my single biggest insight after three years [spending much time in Asia].


That confirms everything that I know and have learned. Thanks for the quick response.



Note: Some more insight (podcast).

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