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Jim Rogers: Make Life an Adventure

Feedback in:


Would very much appreciate if you could forward this email on to Jim [Rogers].

We have some great friends that have been living in Singapore for some time now. A few years back they persuaded my wife and I and our 2 young kids to jump on a plane and travel half way round the world to see them. We now obviously have the Asia bug and go over every year to get our fix–traveling around whilst we are there. It’s amazing how opinionated people are on Singapore–mostly the ones that have never been. We just love it. Anyway whilst at the airport waiting for our flight back to the UK, I was constantly being pestered by my 7-year old boy for a toy plane–specifically the one we would be traveling back on–the A380. I headed for the nearest gift shop and spent the next half an hour aimlessly browsing whilst the mini ‘pilot’ tried to make up his mind which color to have. Searching through the book section I stumbled across a copy of Jim’s ‘Street Smarts’. Perfect I thought, this will cheer up the 12-hour flight home.

As ‘both’ A380’s taxied down the runway. I opened Jim’s book to discover someone had scribbled on the front title page! On closer inspection I realized [he had signed it].

“Make life an adventure–Jim Rogers”

Having listened to your podcast interview 301 with him in Singapore, reading the signed copy made the whole book even more enjoyable.

Thank you to you both for your great books and inspiration/direction…just need to get a Covel book signed now.

Kind regards
Investment Manager/Trend Follower

Nice thoughts! I am sure Jim will like.

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