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Don’t Get Sucked into the Junk

Feedback in:


I have a friend here who subscribes to [name]. I tried their trial membership but didn’t continue. Now I get all this junk. Your stuff ain’t junk at all and I love how prolific you are with your podcasts. It’s only a matter of time before I buy your Trend Following system to add to my [name]. Funny thing is I discovered you through [name] daily reports. One of the articles from [name] Money Management mentioned your name. Then I bought and read all of your books.

Warmest regards,

A followup email:

I forgot to mention the main point of my message: There’s so much junk out there people have no idea what the real stuff is. For example, I personally surveyed more than 300 “advisors” last year and not one, that would be zero, had heard of Michael Covel or your books. Just one of them had heard of [name]. You see, at all these industry events, mainly for CE credits, I casually ask the advisor sitting next to me “what’s your plan for the next bear market? Or Black Swan Event?” Absolutely no clue from any of them, except this one guy who knew about [name]. That’s one out of more than 300 Michael. These people are so called “Advisors”. Selling nothing but MPT, the “Great Intellectual Fraud”. In Canada, that’s about a Trillion dollar fraud. I’m sure glad I’m no longer with a bank owned brokerage. Otherwise this kind of message would be a no no. As it is [name] is owned by a $100 billion mutual fund company, whose compliance people will never approve of what I do. The beauty of being 100% self-employed, merely telling the truth, and having Branch Compliance people who are open minded. After all results Speak.


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