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“David Stockman Everyone Should Hear It”

Feedback in:

Really enjoyed your interview with David Stockman. EVERYONE should hear it.

What struck you about David’s episode in particular?

What struck me: an entirely believable and rational explanation for world events that followed the slaughter of WW1. I have not read his book, but have now ordered it and look forward to hearing his take on the causes of that horrible and horribly unnecessary conflagration (WW1). I believe it was bankers that were at the root of it, as I believe they have been at the root of all wars since. A horrible, horrible bunch of psychopaths.

And the method by which bankers wreak their havoc is through fiat money, its issuance and their control of interest rates. They have to keep the world ignorant of this, which they do by control of the media and what is taught at universities (this they achieve by financing university chairs and appointing people that will not teach what is really going on in the world of finance).

Hopefully the major events presently taking place will lead to profound changes. In the meantime we rely on brave and honest people like you and David Stockman to do your profoundly important work of educating the ignorant.

Very best wishes,


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