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Forget Fear, Feel Pressure

People that came from *other* countries founded America. Many, many of them in 1700s, 1800s and early 1900s brought with them something very special–the desire to move beyond the stale and dysfunctional economies and governments of their home countries. Coming to America was the smack you in the face adrenaline rush opportunity to kick royal ass. When you know how bad it is in your home country, and you come to a blank slate new place like America, one that is saying loud and clear “capitalism or bust”, you go for it and hard. Now, American capitalism or bust is gone for the vast many and I think I know why: perspective. Americans no longer have perspective. A big reason: It is relatively isolated geographically. Travel to the far corners of the globe from America is not quick and that original America is number one belief horse blinders out the competition. Not so smart in 2014. If you don’t know how much ass your neighbors in Asia, India, etc. are kicking (and watching TV shows doesn’t give the true feel), then how can Americans truly be expected to have the eye of the tiger? So instead of feeling pressure, Americans feel fear. And fear doesn’t motivate. Fear drives people to politicians promising milk and cookies. I don’t expect this perspective to change for the majority, but you can change this perspective for yourself by traveling, innovating, creating and trading. You only have one life and the thought of looking back at age 85 to remember the fond days of office cube existence working diligently for the man…isn’t that depressing?

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