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Put the Focus on You


Hello Michael, I trust this email finds you in good spirits! My name is Gabriel. I have taken the time to read through and listen to various audio recordings on Trend Following written by Michael. It is a very intriguing area and I thoroughly enjoy the teachings it espouses. I am taking the time to write this note as I am currently at a critical stage in my life. I am currently 36 years old and have just had my third child. We have a 7, 2 and now 2 month old child. This is the reason I write this letter to you. My whole life I have been in commission only and/or independent contract/sales positions. So basically I have always “eaten what I killed”. Over the last 4 years I have expanded my operations and managed upwards of 60 of my own staff and personnel in an attempt to experience exponential growth within our business. Slow sales and non-producing sales reps along with non-paying tenants within some of our rental properties has inevitably caused a downward spiral for us, however we are still working hard to rebuild after these hiccups. Admittedly my partner would like to add more stability to our lives. I am an entrepreneur, sports enthusiast and competitor in everything I do. Hence the difficulty in me going out to work a “9 to 5” where I may or may not control my own destiny under someone else’s watch. I have had a desire to get into Trend Following for several years now but just never found the opportunity to say “I am ready, let’s do this.” I know you have spoken to many people across various walks of life all with varying levels of expertise, experience and life goals. I strongly believe in your message, and see this as a leap of faith to put my head down and study/work within all that I can in the Trend Following space. I just don’t know where to start. Admittedly, financial independence is a goal for me to achieve to give my family. I will never stop working, but most importantly love to win! I just don’t know what I should do, when I should do it or what is the best way to get started. II look forward to any feedback you can give me on this opportunity and working within the space.

With Regards,

There is no quick answer. Best bet? Focus on you, and not working for someone else in the trend following space. How to make the focus on you? Three ways:


The first two will only cost you time.

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