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Trading A System: The Thinking Behind Success

Feedback in:

Dear Michael,

I’ve been a long time follower of you and as a huge fan and enthusiast of your work, I HAD to write you to express my sincere gratitude regarding your coverage on the subject of trend following. Your knowledge and breath about the topic is not only refreshing, but incredibly insightful as I grapple a working investment strategy of my own.

I continue to listen to your podcasts and read your books. I was wondering if you could perhaps do a podcast on how one creates a ‘system’? Could you go into detail about how to create a model, what metrics or analytics one should use, look at, or consider? I would love to learn more about the anatomy of ‘the system’ and the psychology and decision-making behind placing trades.

I’m a novice financial guy, but am obsessed with learning and wanting to win. How cool would it be if there was another Richard Dennis type that decided to create a turtle trader-like experiment.

Best Wishes,

I have discussed an assortment of topics across hundreds of podcast episodes (many that you raise), all for free. My books? Examples like your desires across them. Much detail. However, for those clients that want even more personal support my products online (Go) are an option. Thanks for your interest and great feedback!

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