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Becoming a Hedge Fund Titan

Feedback in:

Hi Michael, so I’ve read the book Linchpin and indeed is full of great advice. It reminds me of the book The Leader Who Had No Title, by Robin Sharma, and I totally agree with the philosophy that everyone should do their absolute best and create “art”. Now I understand better your business model of giving so many gifts to the community like your podcast (which I started listening), your PDFs, videos and all that; I wanted to thank you for offering so many valuable information to the world. Now, Linchpin focuses mostly on how an employee should act and think, indeed the ideas can be applied to entrepreneurship as well but the thing is that I want to excel in the financial markets and there’s not much art you can do there. Here’s the thing, I have a vision in mind to make Master of the Universe type of money. I want to become a Market Wizard and I want your advice. My plan for now is to simply learn as much as I can from the experts (like you and [name]) and start growing my account. My question is, is there a better way? should I be looking to go into the money management business, maybe go work for a hedge fund or open one? Or can I achieve my goal just by trading my own account? Which is better? Oh and one more thing, I know you’ve studied Tony Robbins and he kept mentioning that he coached a guy who made $500 million in the 1987 crash, do you know who he’s talking about? Because he never mentioned his name.

Thank you,

I believe the trader Tony Robbins is talking about is Paul Tudor Jones. I don’t think working for a hedge fund is necessarily how you become a hedge fund titan. Starting a hedge fund is the path. Right? Trade your own account, then friends and family, then others. That’s the path.

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