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Hello Michael, I just started listening to your podcast from the beginning and am up to Ep. 39 where you said that If I can show proof of purchase of any of your books you would send additional material to read, (see attachment).


What address can I send to? A day later the conversation continues:

Hello Mike, if this is the same [set of] articles you were giving…then I just received the CD last week. If this is something new to read then you can send it to the following address: [Address]

When I was 18 I really wanted to trade the markets but living in the small town of Stratford, Ontario, Canada, it was hard for me to find an easy way to get into the markets. Back then, (1989), I looked at and plotted charts to see the patterns but was never able to take the next step.

Just so your aware, your podcasts are a real eye/mind opener and reminded me of what I saw back then. I am currently putting my plan together.

My goal is to make money. My plan is to read as much as I can find on the trend following methods. Before I start I plan on reading all 4 of your books at least once and get through 75% of your podcasts, (currently at Ep. 47). At the moment I see my only hold back is fully understanding and setting up my risk management plan and my position sizing. Right now I only have between $5k and $10k, but next year I will have $24k more when I am able to transfer one of my Canadian LIRAs over to the US. Yes, I was a buy and hold guy.

If you can recommend what you think are the best books to read for Risk Management and Position Sizing that would be a great help to me. I have a very analytical mind therefore I plan to tackle Ralph Vince’s books to see what insights I can find there.

Thank-you again for all you have done, Best Regards, [Name]

Same CD! In terms of books check out my favorite books. Thanks for all of the nice words.

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