I Want Your Interview Ideas, But There Are Limits

Don’t hesitate to send me your interview requests or content suggestions. I may decide it is not right for my show, but it never hurts to drop a line and let me know your thoughts. For example, recent feedback in:

How about Gary Smith [as a podcast interviewee], the intraday trader? The image attached is his equity curve…if its real.

Thanks, but I don’t think a pure day trader alone makes much sense for me.

10 thoughts on “I Want Your Interview Ideas, But There Are Limits

  1. Hi mike,hope your well, I found Mark Shipmans books to be a great help starting out. I personally would love to here him speak. Looking back at his books after reading yours and lots more,his thinking is similar to yours,his longterm strategy is simple and easy to understand for new people to this world.

  2. mike shell–shell capital
    rick lager–401k advice business
    and didn’t you interview brett steenberger?

  3. What about Michael Shermer on the patternicity idea?


    I wonder if he would agree with the statement that there is a lot of dumb money in markets and real estate with no exit plan?

    Also. Is patternicity stronger than the urge to herd? Perhaps a behaviorist like Shermer can shed light on the identity of these morons who think they can beat the market trading noise (gambling) or who are eager join the raving mob with no knowledge of distance to nearest exit?

  4. Hey Michael,

    I enjoy your podcast and books. Keep the material rolling…
    Play more Guns N Roses introduction music……. How about an interview w/ Kevin Kelley of Pulaski Academy? He is a high school football coach that makes all calls based statistics. The team doesn’t punt and goes for on-side kicks all the time. He is super successful but other coaches wont follow the trend because they scared of the fans and boosters.


  5. Cliff Asness – foremost expert on momentum investing

    Kevin Davey – expert systems trader

    Andrea Unger – winner of many worldcup trading competitions

    Kurt Sakaeda – quant and also winner of worldcup trading competition

  6. Hi Michael
    Waiting for the return visits of Michael Gibbons and Jim Rohrbach – my all time favourites.
    Dave Landry
    Brian Shannon
    Robbie Burns (nakedtrader.co.uk)

    All very entertaining when I’ve heard them elsewhere.
    Thanks a lot.

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