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Day Trading… Not My World

Feedback in:

Hi Michael, I see a few weeks ago you were after a new laptop 13 inch Air. Just trying to work out do you use that laptop on your travels to trade personally? Or have you got staff trading for you? You see the reason I ask is I know you are a trend trader and wondered if you trade on the go? And what time-frame do you use? Because I have been using daily time-frame, but now looking at 5 min time-frame because I believe even with small time frames like the 5 minute chart there are still trends, but just a lot smaller. But I know I will be paying more spreads, but there is a lot more action. Just wanted to know your thoughts. Thanks Michael.

All the best,

I have absolutely no feedback on day trading, 5 min bars etc. Not my world. And to paraphrase Ed Seykota, if you want to trade the really fast stuff, why not go for the speed of light?

Heavy sarcasm.

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