Trend Following Tough Love

A recent random conversation with a stranger:

[Name]: Good evening Michael, are you coming back to HCM City?

Michael: Why?

[Name]: Could I invite you to a cup of coffee in HCM city? In the coffee shop near your hotel?

Michael: Can I ask how I can help? What would you like?

[Name]: My goal is just [to] make friends and learn from you.

Michael: The best way to learn from me is not to meet with me now.

[Name]: The same as when you meet other successful traders. I don’t intend to harm or bring a bad thing to you.

Michael: I did not think that, but the best way to learn from me right now is not to meet me.

[Name]: I read many books by you. If you were me, you always want to meet the author of a book. If you are a trader you always want to meet successful traders.

Michael: Listen to Howard Lindzon podcast and read book “Linchpin” by Seth Godin. Then you will know more how I think about random meetings. My advice is useful.

[Name]: Just spend about 1 hour in a coffee shop. I think it isn’t difficult.

Michael: Now you are not listening to my advice. Even less interested to meet. Best of luck.

Tough love? You bet. Did he hear me? No.

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