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Who Can Accurately Forecast? No One!

This article excerpt from Joshua Brown recently came into my in box:

People Who Cannot Accurately Forecast Markets

1. Hedge fund managers
2. Wall Street’s top strategists
3. Technical analysts
4. Day-traders
5. Swing-traders
6. Newsletter writers and book authors
7. Journalists
8. Financial advisors
9. Your dentist
10. Leading finance professors
11. Famous economists
12. Bloggers and columnists
13. Tweeters
14. Horses who count with their hooves
15. Astrologers
16. Value investors
17. Investment clubs
18. Message board aficionados
19. TV hosts
20. Mutual fund managers
21. Sell-side analysts
22. ETF companies
23. Institutions, pensions and endowments
24. Me
25. You


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