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Astrology, Emirs & Trading Success

An interesting conversation I recently had with an experienced pro:

Covel: So tell me an interesting story about astrology and emirs!

[Name]: JP Morgan once said “Millionaires don’t use astrology to trade, but billionaires do.” When I was at [name] in the 90s one of the coolest things I did was to write a program which calculated the daily positions in the sky, in three different coordinate systems, of all the solar system objects for the entire 20th century at the behest of a client. That client put me in touch with a fellow who worked for ADIA as a trader whose entire methodology centered around using astrology to time stocks.

Covel: And your view of these strategies?

[Name]: Whatever works. Hey, it worked for him. He was well employed and compensated. He hated living over there, but the pay was too good to quit. I don’t have any empirical basis to judge how well his application of the strategies performed so I don’t have the right to an opinion about how well they worked. I do know that another guy who approached e-markets with astronomical tools, [name], has consistently ranked high in newsletter ranking services that measure the effectiveness of calls.

Covel: Hmmm….

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