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Exploring Trend Following for the First Time


Michael: I have received [your] CD. Thank you very much for all the work you are doing in compiling this eclectic knowledge and putting that in one central place. I have been in tune with your work through books and podcast last few months. I am on my journey, searching for [a] method that works for me. I have not purchased anything but getting increasing[ly more] curious about your techniques that you have derived [from] primary sources and are not in public domain. Following are basic questions, when you get a chance have someone reply: Do you have one system (set of rules) or many systems that work independently? How much emphasis [do] you have on instrument selection? Out of 30 or so liquid markets even if all signals are taken with 1% risk, that is 30% risk in book? Are your systems incorporating position sizing? How long have you done back testing for systems, is there a way to see back tested data by trade? I am big in looking at contribution of individual trade to total P&L.(I am not looking for all trades to make money, but more interested in P&L distribution). Regards, Maulin P.

There are a few core systems that allow variables to be changed to meet your risk objectives. Portfolio selection is critical and how you manage the risk in said portfolio is critical. I explain all. There is a process. Not as simple as you describe, but always operates under the guise of protecting capital. Yes, position sizing. 100%. No back tests are provided. Clients can choose varying portfolios and varying risk levels. Not one size fits all. Success stories:

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