Bitcoin and Austrian Economics

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Dear Michael, I really enjoy listening to your podcasts on my commute to work (about 45 minutes drive each day through the country lanes of Cornwall in the UK!) and I especially enjoy some of the interviews that you do with some very fascinating people. Thank you for the time and effort that you put in to these. I have learned a lot already despite only having become a listener relatively recently. As a 25 year old Financial Adviser relatively new to the industry I find your views really useful and informative and have recently used the example that Fabian Lim gave of learning to fly with my wife who currently runs her own cleaning business but is looking at changing and taking an interior design course (The belief that you can do whatever you want in any time frame as long as you put the work in.) One of the most fascinating interviews was that of Brad Rotter and his view on Bitcoin and the ‘peak of civilization’ which has really interested me. Having done some research on Bitcoin in particular I have found very little overly negative ‘stuff’ written on the subject but I did find one blog quite interesting on I am very much in your camp of enjoying a stimulating debate around these matters and like you had yet to really take note before listening to Brad Rotter the other day. Perhaps Elliot Turner would be an interesting guest from the other side of things? Anyway I would be interested in your views as to the above blog just as the other side of the argument which as we know there always is! Of course we just cannot predict exactly what will happen going forward but it is very interesting none the less. Thanks again for your podcasts and I hope you are having a great time in Asia. If you are ever in England you must visit Cornwall. I would certainly enjoy the opportunity to buy you lunch in exchange for a stimulating conversation.

Kind regards,
Philip [name]
Independent Financial Advisor

Thanks for the nice words about my podcast. I don’t know if Bitcoin or some other digital currency will work. I like the potential. If your poster wants to fight Austrian economics, and you want me to respond to that, I offer the book “Human Action”. If he enjoys the Fed rigging the economy to the benefit of friends in the right places, his choice. I don’t care for it.