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Look Before You Leap Is Mission Critical

An excerpt from my first book, “Trend Following”:

Trend following, like any entrepreneurial endeavor, demands you to be responsible for yourself. Charles Faulkner emphasized the point: “Trend trading and even trading in general isn’t for everyone. As too few people check out what the day-to-day life of a trader is like, and trend trading specifically, I strongly recommend they find out before making a life changing commitment.”

What does “life changing commitment” involve? You commit to not wanting to be right all of the time. Most people, let’s face it, must be right. They live to have other people know they’re right. They don’t even want the success. They don’t want to win. They don’t want money. They just want to be right. The winners, on the other hand, just want to win.

If you don’t want to win–on something in life–go jump now.

Note: Charles has been one of my most popular podcast guests. He will be on soon again.

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