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Rational Logic Means Nothing in the Markets

Greenspan speaks to how irrational markets can be:

Michael, Thanks for making all of your podcasts available to the public. Please keep up the good work. I thought you might find the quote below from Alan Greenspan of interest. It’s from a 10/26/13 interview with the FT entitled “Crash Course”:

“…He [Greenspan] admits that he first saw how irrational finance could become as long ago as the 1950s and 1960s when he briefly tried, as a young New York economist, to trade commodity markets. Back then he thought he could predict cotton values ‘from the outside, looking at supply-demand forces’. But when he actually ‘bought a seat in the market and did a lot of trading’, he discovered that rational logic did not always rule. ‘There were a couple of guys in the exchange who couldn’t tell a hide from copper sheeting but they made a lot of money. Why? They weren’t trading a commodity but human nature…and there is something about human nature which is not rational‘…”


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