Seeking Mentorship

Richard Dennis created the once in a lifetime opportunity back in the 80’s. However, there are other options if you are looking for coaching and guidance in 2013:

Hi Michael, My name is Jennifer [name] and I am very interested in becoming a “TurtleTrader” and am wondering if you or any of the original TurtleTraders would provide live, hands on, one-on-one training/mentoring to learn how to be a successful trend trader. I am a novice individual with no experience in trading who is very frustrated with relying on others for financial success and am looking to take charge and build financial wealth/security for myself and family. As I am not an experienced trader, I would very much like the opportunity to work with one of these stellar trend traders and hoping you can provide any insight as to whether this level of training might be provided by any trend trader you discuss in your books or if this something you would be available to provide to someone such as myself. I do understand this is probably a far fetched request, but thought if anyone might know of any such service or future “turtle trader” training being discussed. I thank you in advance for time and response and hope you can provide your insight. Thank you, Jennifer

The ‘live in’ original Turtle experiment does not exist. However, I help people learn. Success stories.