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Young Person Starting Out

It’s funny how the universe works. Some great feedback:

Heya Michael, this is Moon here, the lady who chose to sit beside you on the 1st day of the DC Conference and from Singapore. It’s really exhilarating to see you in the DC, Mike. I’m really glad and proud of myself that I chose that seat that day.

As you might have not known ‘cos we haven’t talked much at all, I’ve been a great fan of yours since you wrote the book ‘The Complete Turtle Trader’ and very honestly, that is what shaped the great mind frame for discipline and psychology in trading for me. I’d even say it takes up a good 30% of what I do everyday. Next time you come to Singapore, I’m gonna have to ask for your signature. And you didn’t know you met a huge fan, I was just holding it in!

Last but not least, I have really taken good direction to what you have suggested to me to write a book. And really, just looking at the content page, I can really foresee an extremely invaluable and good book coming up. And why I say that is because I took myself out of the shoes of an Author and put myself into those of a beginner or novice who knows nothing or is interested to learn about skills of the trade, and in that perspective just by looking at the content page, it sells! I’d honestly pick up the book if I am a novice, if I didn’t know anything or just simply requiring more information. And thus, I have been feeling very motivated after I got back to Singapore, have been relaxing and chilling out on my own in a couple of serene places just to let ideas seep in, and whilst I’m most relaxed, that’s the time where great ideas sit and find clarity and organization in my mind.

As I sign off here, just wanna say thank you so much for being so receptive and open to me. You have been really helpful and truly sincere in sharing your experiences and invaluable knowledge this whole time and I am really grateful for that. The old adages say that ‘Serendipities are only present to those who embrace everything in life.’ Let’s stay connected and see you soon!

Have a trillion dollar day ahead.

Your Friend & Turtle Fan,
Moon Wong
25 October, Singapore

Thanks Moon. Think I will be to Singapore in November as I mentioned. We will both get Jim Rogers out to lunch.

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