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Trend Following Internships

Feedback in:

Dear Michael, I would like to express my interest in an internship with Trend Following. I am a loyal follower of yours and based in Australia. I have traded many systems over the past and learned from the so called professionals thus falling into the guru trap. Although I have spent a lot of money on this education and lost money trading the systems, I can say it has all been worth it as my persistence has lead me to your books and teachings. Unfortunately I never subscribed to any of the Trend Following trading systems, but I had been saved in the sense that I was able to design my own simple trend following system after being convinced about this through reading your books and listening to your podcasts. I don’t worry about news or missing any piece of data, I just do what my system indicates and life is so simple. I could not care if price is moving up or down, I just want a piece of the major trend. So thank you for all the work over the years and most of all for sharing your research with all of us. I can truly say that I would love to be involved with Trend Following in some way. As a professional accountant in my previous career, I was involved in the development and mentoring of young accountants for my firm. I really believe the nurture trumps nature mantra, as this is where I experienced it first hand. So therefore what you are doing is giving so many people new opportunities which most of us always believed was for the select few talented individuals. I would like to be part of this crusade and as part of my own development as a trend trader, would relish an opportunity to contribute within the Trend Following community. Perhaps you would consider nurturing a couple of disciples and unleashing us to the world as your own turtles? I would therefore appreciate it if you would consider my application for internship either to assist in trading or some form of writing. Although I am based in Australia, I am sure that technology breaks down any barriers and being able to work under your guidance would probably be the pinnacle of my achievements in life. Yours sincerely, Charles

Thanks Charles for the very pleasant note. Details soon.

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