Who Makes the Sausage? Ryan Vlastelica!


Ever stop for a second to observe who makes the sausage? A headline written today by Reuters Ryan Vlastelica:

“NEW YORK (Reuters) – As a last-minute deal to resolve spending negotiations in Washington appeared less likely, U.S. stock investors braced for what had previously seemed remote: a shutdown of the U.S. government that could spark a major equity decline.”

That background of course allowed him to make a prediction of a major stock market decline.

Party on Garth.

Note: If you happen to be a much larger player in the media that immediately thinks I am unfairly picking on a young reporter — I could care less. The financial media matrix is gross from top to bottom. Plus, I pick on the top too.

One thought on “Who Makes the Sausage? Ryan Vlastelica!

  1. So what evidence did the young reporter have, that the U.S. stock investors were “braced” for anything? It appears to me that he’s just another fundamentalist blowing smoke and confusion out of his rear end!

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